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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

high on life...or bleach

It's spring cleaning here at school. For the past couple weeks, we've had to deep-clean something every Wednesday night. Two weeks ago: blinds. Last week: stove/oven. Tonight: tub and tiles. By far the worst. (Although thirty minutes of windexing the blinds isn't my idea of a good time, either. And I only had to do half.) So tonight after dinner my roommate and I put on our old gym clothes and pulled out the bleach. One hour later: a thing of beauty, dry hands, and a slightly woozy feeling. At least it went better than last year. After numerous attempts of overnight bleaching the bottom of the tub and many headaches, we discovered the Mr. Clean magic eraser works wonders. It's definitely the only thing that will get the bottom of the tub clean.

Finals week we get to deep-clean the entire apartment. Last year that involved having a vacuum strapped to my back, so there's no way this year will be as rough. Whoever thought of the brilliant idea of making stressed out college students hardcore clean during finals week needs to experience it for themselves. I mean, there's clean, and then there's NWC clean. The two aren't even comparable. Northwestern takes it to a beyond-human level. I'm sure I'll have more stories in two weeks when I actually have to relive the disaster. Until then, I think for the sake of my brain cells I should stay away from the cleaning products.

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  1. oh Alaina, I'm so glad you have a blog! You make me laugh. You are so funny with your stories! I always think of you when I'm organizing. Tell me more about having a vaccuum strapped to your back, that sounds intense!