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Monday, May 12, 2008

getting closer...

This morning I took my Intermediate Accounting final. I thought I was prepared. I wasn't. Well, I was prepared for the things I studied; I could do those perfectly. The final, however, consisted of tricky parts of problems that we have never talked about before. But, such is an Elfstrum final. I've spent the rest of the day washing walls and studying for my Finance final tomorrow morning. And my roommate and I adjusted my bed to the correct height, which is easier said than done. Last year we were trying to adjust one of our other roommate's beds and we bent the metal part a little bit. It's because I was jumping on the frame trying to get it out of the headboard piece and it bent when it came out. Then we had to hammer it back together, and let me tell you, that metal stuff doesn't move easily. Plus, banging on metal with a metal hammer = loud and annoying.

We're heading down to supper soon, and then afterwards I get to wash more walls and study for my Cost Accounting final tomorrow afternoon. That one is going to be a killer, too. At least my current grade is better in that class than it is in Intermediate. That means I can do worse on the final and still not murder my GPA. GPAs don't really matter anyway, except when you're trying to get a scholarship from the school. It's a 3.75 for the highest...yuck. Well, once my finals are over tomorrow it will be practially summer. After my Cost tomorrow afternoon I just have to finish all that cleaning, haul the rest of my stuff out to my car, and study for Environmental Science, which will be a piece of cake. Ahh...summer.

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