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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Target REDcard

Ya'll know I love Target.

A lot.

I loved them even more when I got a "5% off a shopping day at Target" coupon in the mail this week, earned through the Pharmacy Rewards program. This is earned by using your REDcard to pay for five (new or transferred) prescriptions at Target pharmacy. This coupon can be combined with my 5% automatic REDcard discount (something I get every time I use my REDcard at Target or Target.com) for even greater savings.

And if this doesn't convince you, how about free shipping? Recently Target added another benefit to the Target REDcard, free shipping from Target.com when you use your REDcard, no minimum purchase required.

Now all that was just a plug for the Target REDcard. The real reason I decided to write this post, is that I have been remiss.

See, I knew that Target donates to schools. And I knew that my purchases could have a direct impact. But somehow I always kept forgetting to look into it, until today. You can enroll in the Take Charge of Education program (click here) to select a school for donation. Target will donate 1% of your REDcard purchases to a school of your choice (so long as they are enrolled in the program). And while 1% seems pretty minuscule at first, when I think of the thousands of dollars I spend at Target every year it really can add up. By selecting a school I am able to see the total amount donated to that school, and the number of cardholders who have selected it. I'm proud to say I am the 56th person who has selected Pine River-Backus High School. Well, proud might be stretching it, but I did have a great high school experience, and want to give something back. And the best part is it won't cost me a thing!

So get yourself a REDcard, and get saving!

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