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Monday, July 23, 2012

Natalie: Eleven Months

Vital Stats

Natalie is almost 22 pounds and is getting very tall! She hasn’t been weight or measured since her 9-month checkup. Eighteen-month clothes are definitely still too big for her, so she still wears 12-month.

Milestones This Month

Natalie has reached many of the early physical milestones already. Sometimes it looks like she is trying to run, but Mommy thinks she is just walking really fast to get what she wants. Natalie is working on learning to clap her hands, since that is something she can't do yet. She likes to hold Mommy's hands while Mommy claps.


Not much has changed with Natalie's sleeping habits in the last month, except that she likes to wake up at six in the morning occasionally; sometimes even earlier!


Natalie loves chicken and cheese quesidillas, ALL fruit, mac 'n cheese, hotdogs, and Nutrigrain bars. She does not like potatoes, pancakes, or burger. Pretty soon Natalie will start drinking cow's milk. Mommy is looking forward to it!


Natalie understands a couple phrases, like "Where's baby doll?" and "Are you hungry?" For  while Mommy and Daddy thought she was trying to say the word "no" which sounded like "nanana" and which she frequently said when being put down for naps. She hasn't said it for a while now, so it was maybe just a phase.

She is very good at throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. She just plops her butt right down on the floor and cries. She knows the word "milk" and also the sign for it, and will start giggling with excitement whenever she sees or hears one or the other. She recognizes the noise her bottle warmer makes when it's done warming her bottle and will come running looking for it.

Play Time

Natalie's new favorite toy is her baby doll. It is second only to Teddy. She loves, loves, LOVES to play outside. It is absolutely her favorite thing to do. She also enjoys riding in her bike carrier on bike rides. Natalie likes to kick balls and put toys in and out of baskets. She has a kid song CD she started listening to in the vehicle. She laughs whenever she hears the first notes of the first song on the CD.

Natalie likes to watch other kids and puppies. She loves to swing and go down slides. She has also started to really like playing in the sand and swimming in the lake. She doesn't mind going under (which happens occasionally when she falls). Mommy and Daddy think it's good practice for her, so they make a habit of dunking her once every time she goes swimming. She's such a little trooper; she comes up with a surprised face, wipes the water out of her eyes, and keeps on going.

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