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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easton: Five Months

Vital Stats
Easton weighs 18.7 pounds and is 27.75 inches. He is getting bigger every day.

Milestones This Month
Easton can roll back-to-tummy and tummy-to-back, when he wants to. One day at daycare he rolled all the way across the living room! His legs are getting stronger as he plays in his jumparoo and exersaucer.

Easton still does well in his crib all night. There were a couple weeks in the past month where he started waking up at 5am, but the last week or so he has been sleeping until Mommy wakes him up around 6am. Last Saturday the whole family even slept in until 7am! It was wonderful.

We have an eater! Easton will eat anything. He isn't crazy about peas or green beans, but will just keep on chowing down with a frown on his face the entire time. He LOVES his fruits. Mommy always has to save them for the end of the meal, otherwise he will fill up on them and not eat his veggies. Easton eats three meals of solids at approximate "mealtimes" and has four or five 4-8oz bottles a day.

Mommy thinks Easton knows his name. Either that, or he just a good listener and looks at Mommy whenever she is talking to him. 

Play Time
Easton spends a lot of time in his exersaucer. He loves to stand! He still LOVES to kick, too, so he is in his bouncer a lot. He has been spending more time on the floor now that he can roll. He likes to play with his toys on the activity center. Unfortunately, so does Natalie. She will try to jump right under there with him, so Mommy or Daddy need to always be right there to keep him from getting smashed by his big sister.

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