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Monday, August 26, 2013


I love the Fourth of July. And Americana decorations. I buy them whenever I can, but my favorite time to buy them is July 5th. You can get some good deals, man.

I got this napkin/silverware holder last summer on clearance after the Fourth.

And also these wind things...I know they have an actual name, but I'm only coming up with windmill, and I know that isn't right.

We bought a flag this year and put it on our garage. It mostly blows up on the roof, but sometimes it hangs nicely.

My mom gave me this earlier this year. She's had it since I was a kid but hasn't used it much recently. It has all kinds of themes. Currently we have a "Happy Birthday" cake up there since Natalie's birthday was a few days ago.

I got this on a garage sale in the cities a few years ago...

...and I got this handy-dandy Americana mail holder just last summer. This one stays up all the time. 'Cause it's okay to be patriotic year-round, you know.

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