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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We get up early during the week.

It takes me 45 minutes to get to work with a daycare drop-off in there, so we typically leave home around 7 a.m. The kids get up about 6:30 or so to get dressed, get distracted, brush teeth, make a mess, and generally do their level best to make us late.

Breakfast at daycare isn't served until 8:30, so I take pity on the poor things and usually give them Cheerios to eat in the car.

Side note: This is why my car looks like a box of Cheerios exploded in the backseat. A starving family could live off the Cheerios in there for a week.

Sometimes the kids see me getting their Cheerios ready in the morning. Natalie usually tells me she wants the purple container. Easton just whines until I give him Cheerios.

A couple weeks ago Easton started saying, "Bow-bow" for his Cheerios. I immediately thought I had the most brilliant child ever; he knows that his Cheerios are in a bowl! He must have learned that at daycare, I assumed.

Last week it dawns on me as Natalie stands there screaming, "I want purple! Purple, PURPLE, PURPLE!" Easton isn't saying "bowl;" he is saying "purple."

And now, when he requests his Cheerios in the morning, he asks for "purple."

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