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Friday, August 19, 2011

four days?

My due date is in four days.

Four. Days.

Is that crazy, or is that crazy?! I don't know if I'm ready. I mean, I am. I'm excited to meet the baby (REALLY excited) and we have everything all ready to go, but sometimes I wonder if I'm mentally prepared. I mean, I know what pregnancy entails. It's pretty much like my regular life before I was pregnant, except I weigh a lot more and don't move as fast and there's a person kicking my bladder. It's been pretty easy, and I can handle it.

In contrast, I have no idea what a baby will bring. Life will change. Drastically. Permanently. And I'm not sure I'm entirely prepared for it. Excited, yes. Prepared? Well...I guess we'll see.

My doctor told me this week that it could still be a couple weeks until baby makes his/her appearance. I think I am the first woman in the history of the world who sort of doesn't want to deliver on/before my due date. I'm totally down with being a week late.

Although any longer than that might be pushing it.

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