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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Natalie: Nine Months

Vital Stats
Natalie is 19.5 pounds and 28.75 inches long. She still is in 9-12 month clothing, although she has worn 18-month on occasion!

Milestones This Month
Natalie is the queen of cruising. She will walk around furniture like nobody’s business. In the last week she has started trying to walk. Her record so far is seven steps. She thinks it’s funny to collide into people when she falls down while trying to walk. And of course she loves the applause she gets! So far Mommy hasn't been able to get a video, because Natalie seems to think it's funny to sit and stare at the camera instead of walking to Mommy.

Natalie sleeps later at home, where it’s darker, than she does when we’re visiting family. We had a couple earlier mornings last weekend while she had a little cold, but we are back to normal now. She still sleeps about the same; naps are maybe slightly shorter. Teddy is still Natalie’s favorite lovey. Mommy tried to sub another animal the other night while teddy was drying after being washed, but she would have none of it!

Natalie still loves, loves, loves finger foods. She gets very excited when she sees Cheerios. She has a Cheerio snack time book (to play with Cheerios while eating) and sometimes tries to grab the pictures of the Cheerios on the book. She tried yogurt the other day and it was a big hit. She also likes her “cheesy poofs” (essentially baby puffy Cheetos). Natalie has started begging Mommy and Daddy when they are eating.

Natalie has mastered drinking out of a straw sippy cup, but is still working on regular sippy cups. She doesn’t understand that she has to tip the cup back.

Natalie is better at understanding Mommy and Daddy. Phrases she can comprehend are “Come to Mommy/Daddy,” “Mommy/Daddy is going to get you,” “Where’s Teddy?” “No,” “Do you want some milk?” and “It’s bath time.” Mommy can’t tell if she understands “outside” yet, but she sure loves to go out there!

Play Time
Natalie still likes to read her books. She loves to just sit and turn the pages. She pays attention pretty well when Mommy or Daddy is reading to her.

Natalie’s new favorite game is a chasing game. She LOVES when Mommy or Daddy chase her around and tickle her. Sometimes she will chase Mommy or Daddy. She also loves to walk with her walking toys.

Another favorite of Natalie’s is to pull all of her clothes out of the drawer. She enjoys it when Mommy leaves her drawers open. She also likes to pull the folded laundry off the couch before it’s put away. Destroying Mommy’s neat piles is fun!

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