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Saturday, July 6, 2013

mailbox: before and after

When you move in December in Minnesota the mailbox can cause a few problems. Well, really only one problem: it's impossible to dig a hole.

And by impossible, I mean "possible but expensive and time-consuming" (i.e., not for me).

So we had a solution: freeze the post in a five-gallon bucket. And it worked well, during the winter and into the spring. Sure, there was that time I came home to the mailbox tipped over and mail scattered all over the road, but no harm done.

It was, however, getting really old. I was afraid the whole thing was going to tip over into the vehicle and scratch it all up. Or the mail lady was going to leave us a nasty note reminding us that the ground was no longer frozen and hey, got on that already.

Finally last week we fixed it. A call to Gopher One and two hours later, VOILA!

A definite improvement. Please take special note of the house number painted on the mailbox. A bang-up job, if I do say so myself.

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