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Thursday, August 7, 2008

i wanna see a big horn!

Still in Colorado. We haven't seen any big horn sheep yet, but we've seen a lot of elk. We've been on MANY hikes--over 26 miles worth so far, plus another four miler tomorrow. Today we did eight miles and got up at 5:20. Yeah, this is a VACATION. The hike today was more my mother's idea than either mine or Darren's. Well, it wasn't that she wanted to get up so early, it's just that it's been storming here every afternoon so we thought we should try to finish up before it rained. Anyway, it went fine. I'm glad tomorrow is another short one. I like hiking, I guess. It's just that I get so bored staring at my feet for hours on end. But only one more day. I'm ready to go home.

Today after our long hike we rested for a bit and then Darren and I went into town and took one of those old-fashioned dress-up pictures. It was fun. He's got this whole cowboy ensemble on and I'm wearing fishnet stockings and this little trampy dress. The woman who got us all posed and ready asked if I wanted to hold a whiskey bottle in the picture, and I did. It's pretty cute. I'm wearing this really crazy feather headband thing and this elbow-length gloves. Darren said his parents got one of those pictures taken when they got married and he really wanted one of us, so we did it. After that we walked around town a little and ate a delicious cookie. I forgot my camera and I'm still sad about it because there is a lot of cutsey stuff to take pictures by down there.

I keep losing the internet and it's really annoying me. Stinking wireless. It always fails just when you finish typing something. At least this website saves my blog as I type it. Facebook is being evil and my picture upload keeps failing. Of course it won't tell me why. It's ticking me off. Well I had to reselect all my pictures, but I think it's working now. Annoying thing.

It's getting late here, and I'm getting tired since I got up so early. Time for bed!

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