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Monday, October 27, 2008

busy weekend

We were really busy this weekend, so it went by FAST. Too fast...I can't believe it's Monday already! At least it's almost over, and tomorrow is Tuesday.

Friday we met in Brainerd for dinner at Applebee's and to pick out a grill--his parent's wedding gift to us. So that was fun. Then we headed to my house to feed the animals and get the mail. My mom and Blair were gone to Tennessee so the house was cold and dark and lonely. I was afraid I'd either freeze or get abducted, so I stayed at Darren's house Friday and Saturday night. Anyway, after checking up on things at home we headed over to his house and baked a pumpkin pie! My idea...I really was craving pumpkin pie all week so I wanted to have some. His mom had some frozen crust so we didn't have to make it (fortunately) and it turned out really well. I think his dad ate about half of it, and the rest of us had the other half. :) We watched a movie and stayed up pretty late, so we slept in on Saturday for a while. Got up, made breakfast, played some cards, and then went to the casino to pick up our wedding cake samples. We were supposed to get lemon and marble, but we ended up only with marble. It was SO good, though, I don't even care that we didn't get lemon. Here's Darren tasting it. Yummy...

Darren really wanted to sit in the hot tub so we went to my house to fill it and get it going. Took forever because our pump is really slow and we hardly have any water pressure. Then my mom said if we were cold we could get the wood stove going, and Darren was bored so we did that. Way more work than we thought it would be, but we did finally get it going. We made some chicken tortellini for supper which was crazy because the recipe was absolutely insane...never heard of cooking it in a pressure cooker, but that's what it called for. (We didn't do that, by the way.) It turned out pretty good. I think we both liked it, even though it took a long time to make. I also make banana bread and rice pudding, so it was a baking/cooking weekend for us.

On Saturday we went over to Blair's house to make a list of things that needed to be done before we moved in. It's mostly just little things like toilet paper holders and light fixtures and rods for the closets, but there is some clean up work to be done outside, too. Only 89 days until we get married. It was three months on Friday, so that was kind of an exciting day for us.

Sunday my mom and Blair got home so we spent some time at my house. We got to sit in the hot tub since it had warmed up and my mom put the chemicals in. That's something to look forward to on the weekends, now. Love the hot tub! After that we went up to our first premarriage counseling session with my pastor. Darren was really nervous and kept saying we were going to fail, but it went really well. We did a relationship class this summer and for our counseling we're pretty much going to be going through the book/DVDs we used then. I'm excited because I really liked them this summer and it will be fun to focus a little bit more on them and talk about them more together. We didn't really do that this summer.

We went to Darren's house Sunday night and carved pumpkins! I was really excited because I haven't done that in years! I think Darren and his sister were slightly less exicted, but it was still fun. We played some 500 with his parents and then went to bed too late. It was hard to get up this morning and drive to the cities. The roads were kind of icy and there was snow on the ground when I left home this morning, so I think winter is finally upon us...ugh.

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