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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wedding stuff

Today was a day of accomplishment. I got a TON of wedding stuff done. I called my friends to tell them their bridesmaids dresses are in, I emailed the cake lady and narrowed down my cake selection, emailed the woman I need more Pampered Chef registry insert things, got more registry inserts from Target, called and scheduled an appointment for alterations, called the woman who will play piano, found songs for my soloist to choose from, totally figured out my favors, including pricing (they're 45 cents each), and bought shoes (for $20!) and jewelry. So, busy day. I was so excited those shoes were so cheap--I got them for half off. The heels are a little higher than I wanted, but it was hard to find closed-toe shoes. I don't want any snow coming in them... I'll probably have to find another pair of flats to wear at the reception, though. I have this one pair at home that will probably work. Oh, I also ordered my guestbook today through David's Bridal because the white and cornflower one was temporarily out of stock for six weeks online. It won't get here until the end of December! My dress came in three weeks, but my guestbook will take two months. Weird...

Oh, here's a picture of the favor. I think the bell adds a lot. I was standing in Michael's and there was this book with ideas, so I copied it.

I'm in the process of trying to create guest lists for showers. I can't decided whether to do a personal shower or not...tough call. I don't want people to think they have to buy a gift for a personal shower AND a regular shower. Hmm...but I would like some "personal items" because I don't really have any. Well, I have one that I got at Victoria's Secret because a friend (my soloist, actually) talked me into it. So can't decide on that issue. Plus, who even gets invited to a personal shower? I don't have that many friends. I guess it could be more low-key chill. I'm totally about that.

How ironic is it that last night I had a dream it was my sister's wedding? We were walking to the church and it was a LONG walk in the rain. We were under these storefronts but we were still getting wet and she was getting really upset. Her updo was totally falling down and when we got to the church we ended up in this dark random attic room. I had to help blowdry and recurl her hair (and I specifically remember asking for a diffuser) and I kept telling her it would be okay. Strange.

Today is the last day of fall break. Back to school tomorrow...ugh.

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  1. I think personal showers are kind of silly, but fun. And a little uncomfortable if your mom is there. Just an FYI. And honestly, the personal shower items don't exactly get a lot of use if you ask me ;)