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Monday, October 20, 2008

fall break

One more day of freedom before it's back to school. I can't believe how quickly fall break went by. I spent a TON of it at Pres Homes, so I got a lot of my volunteering done. I could finish it tomorrow if I wanted to, but I don't think I'm that motivated. I'll probably just head there for three hours or so. I've been there for 17 and a half hours since Friday after class, so I feel like I haven't really had much of a "break" but I guess it'll be nice to have this over and finished with. I have six and a half hours left of my forty, so I'm almost done. I still have to write a paper about "what I learned" but I'm not seeing that as being a lot of work. Unfortunately with all my volunteering I haven't gotten very much homework done so I'll be doing quite a bit of that tomorrow.

The wedding plans have kind of taken over my life recently. My aunt, who is also my personal attendant, is ultra-organized and sent me this monster list of questions, so now I've been thinking about those and trying to get more things organized. I did manage to make maps to the church and reception (took a while) on my computer last night, so the invitations only need to be assembled and addressed. I am still waiting for some addresses, though. Before she sent me that email I thought I was getting pretty close to being done, but I realized the only things that are done are like the five big things, and now it's time for the million little things to be taken care of. Ugh... Three of the bridesmaid's dresses made it in, so I'm having someone pick them up from David's Bridal in Duluth. I'm glad they're in already because some of them need to be altered. One of my bridesmaids is pregnant, so you can imagine she'll be needing some adjustments. :)

My uncle took me out to dinner at Fortune House, and it was good. I had the tangerine chicken--a little too sweet, but still tasty. I think I could eat Chinese every week and not get sick of it. We never had Chinese growing up. My mom didn't like it so I always assumed it was gross. (She didn't like Mac 'N Cheese either, so I should have realized the truth...) I was a freshman in college before I ever tried Chinese...what a loss of 18 years. I've made up for it now, though.

Darren's parents are buying us a grill for our wedding present. Yay! Darren loves to grill (another yay) so I'm hoping that means he'll help out with dinner a lot. I'm helpless in the kitchen. Well, I can bake. But that's bascially it. I do make a mean fried egg sandwich, and I can make anything that comes in a box but if it doesn't have pictures with the instructions (think hamburger helper and you'll understand) it's beyond me. Darren's mom is going to give me "cooking lessons" (his idea, but not a bad one!) before we get married so I'll know how to make all his favorite things. I guess some women would be offended by that, but I'm so desperate I'm only thankful.

Tomorrow will be filled with errands and volunteering and homework. I love errands but not so much the other two. I have a list of wedding stuff to do this week and I'm going home this weekend so I need to get ahead on my homework a little, so I'll be busy busy tomorrow. I've kind of relaxed the past couple days during my non-volunteering hours, so it's time to be productive again. Ugh.

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