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Thursday, March 8, 2012

parking ramp trivia

What is the second largest river in the U.S.?

That was the question hand-written on a piece of paper, taped to the window as I payed to exit the parking garage after work yesterday.

The parking attendant, Kong (seriously, that is what's on his name tag), said, "If you would like, take a look at our trivia question."

The only rivers I could think of were the Mississippi and the St. Croix. And I was pretty darn sure it wasn't the St. Croix. And isn't the Mississippi the largest? I thought while he swiped my debit card, and then had to tell him I had no idea.

"Mississippi," was his answer.

"Really? What's the largest then?" I asked.

"Missouri." Well, huh.

I think I need to study up my U.S. geography. Pretty sure I didn't even know the Missouri river existed.

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