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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easton: Four Months

Vital Stats
Easton wears 6-month day clothes and 9-month pajamas. Mommy has a 12-month suit Grandma got on a garage sale, and she is going to try to fit him into it for a wedding in a few weeks. It will be close! Easton weighs 17 pounds and is 27 inches (plus or minus one inch...Natalie was "helping"). He is a big boy! Mommy is curious what percentiles he will be at his 4-month checkup in a week.

Milestones This Month

Easton is doing better and better with tummy time. A few weeks ago he kept rolling tummy-to-back but then apparently decided he doesn't want to any more, since he stopped. He sits pretty well with help, and loves to stand in his exersaucer and jumparoo.


Easton is sleeping through the night in his crib! Mommy is very, very excited. It only took one sad night of sleep training and since then Easton puts himself to sleep (with a little crying) before the first "check" (used in sleep training) and sleeps all night long! Naps, however, are another story. Mommy wonders why both her children were terrible infant nappers while still being good nighttime sleepers.


Two nights before Easton turned four months, he drank 14oz of formula before bed. The next night Mommy gave him cereal. He ate it once, and then never wanted it again, the same as his big sister. So Mommy moved on to carrots. He LOVES carrots! They are so tasty, and he doesn't even mind when there is some cereal mixed in with them. He also has tried apples, and they are pretty yummy, too. Mommy is very excited he is into solid food. The first time he had carrots he cried when Mommy wouldn't give him any more. Easton was pushing 40oz a day of formula (general guidelines are when a baby reaches 32oz he/she is ready for solids) but is now back to around 26-30oz per day with three small meals of solids.


Easton likes to smile and giggle. He loves to interact with his sister, and she likes to entertain him. So far she is good about sharing toys, but that is probably because she can still take them away when she wants them back. Easton loves to watch himself in the mirror and watch the world around him. He is very content to sit in his bouncer and watch everyone move around. 

Play Time

Easton's favorite toy is still his bouncer, but he is getting more and more time in his exersaucer and jumparoo. He doesn't jump yet but he does enjoy standing there and watching Natalie play with his toys. He will play some with the toys on his exersaucer. He is using his activity mats a little bit more, and will grab and play with the toys hanging from his bouncer.

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