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Thursday, May 2, 2013

One. Two. Three?

Bad things come in three’s, or so I’ve always heard.

One: Two nights ago, Natalie was sitting in her booster at the kitchen island on a counter-height stool. She was happily eating pizza and fruit, chattering away to me while I went through the mail. All of a sudden she and the chair are on the floor. She had kicked back off the counter, tipping herself over backwards. She banged the back of her head pretty good, resulting in quite the bump, which resulted in a call to the clinic after-hours line. Instructions to monitor her for the rest of the evening and wake her once during the night were all that came about, fortunately.

Two: Last night during bath time Natalie fell and smacked her face against the edge of the tub. Later Darren noticed a chipped front tooth. Poor little thing. After a call to the dentist it was discovered that nothing is really done for chipped baby teeth.

Three: ?
I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or would that be the third shoe?

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