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Friday, May 3, 2013

Easton: Three Months

Vital Stats
Easton is still wearing six-month clothing and can’t really fit into his three-month things any more. Mommy remembered to take his picture when he turned three months but forgot to weigh and measure him. :(

Milestones This Month

Easton tries to giggle sometimes. He will either produce a very strange sound or will make no sound with his mouth wide open in a big smile. Easton is a supported sitter and likes to sit in his Bumbo or on Mommy and Daddy’s laps. Easton holds his head and upper body up pretty well during tummy time on Mommy’s lap, but when he is on the floor he smashes his face to his blanket and cries.


Mommy is very excited that Easton is now sleeping through the night! He started sleeping 9 hours when he turned 12 weeks old. Currently he sleeps in his swing at night, but Mommy will take what she can get.


Easton will take 5-8 ounces of formula at each bottle, typically eating a whopping 36oz per day! He is almost ready for solids and Mommy can’t wait because she is hoping it will improve his naps and stretch out the time between bottles, which is every 2.5-3.5 hours.


Easton loves to smile at everyone. A stranger can smile at him and he will smile back. It seems like he is starting to try and giggle. He also loves to “talk” to Mommy and Daddy in his baby language.

Play Time

Easton loves to kick, kick, kick in his bouncer. He will get that thing going! Sometimes when Mommy is downstairs she can hear him through the ceiling just bouncing away. He loves to watch his toys swing back and forth when he is bouncing. He also enjoys trying to grab things held in front of his face. This is difficult, though, because typically his big sister will try to come and take it away if it’s held still for too long.

Big sister wanted to hold his sign.
"Here, Easton, you take it."

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