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Friday, May 2, 2014

And So It Happened.

Easton has been referred to the ENT specialist.

This was not a shock to me. My poor little boy has had more than ten ear infections this past winter.

According to the all-knowing internet, rule of thumb is greater than four per year puts you in the category "may needs tubes."

And we all know the internet never lies. HA.

But still, more than ten?? That is excessive. Extreme. Ridiculous. I blame those other germy kids at daycare for spreading their colds around. Never mind that mine are there more when they are sick than when they are well. (I have to say, this winter has given me a new appreciation for parents who bring their children to daycare sick. Hey, man, I get it. It happens. A lot.)

We have an appointment towards the end of this month for a consult. I am hoping that tubes will help solve our problems, but I am dreading them at the same time. Oh, the horror stories.

But in the end, if it will help with the infections, I am all for it. No one likes to be sick all the time, and now those doctors scare you half to death with stories of antibiotic resistance. As someone who is allergic to most antibiotics, that's not a picnic either.

Hopefully my baby will get some help soon.

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