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Sunday, June 1, 2008

it's officially summer

I went wakeboarding today. Granted, I wore a wetsuit. But being in the water means it's officially SUMMER. Still a little chilly, but I'm beyond caring. It's summer when I say it's summer, dang it!

This weekend went by really fast. I worked yesterday morning and then had a baby shower for my friend Courtney yesterday afternoon. Today was church, then my cousin's grad party, and then the cabin. I also watched In Her Shoes (love that movie!) and ate a HUGE root beer float because my sister wouldn't let me leave a little bit of ice cream in the container. I had to either use it all or throw it away, she said. And it's a sin to throw away ice cream. So I ate it. And it made me VERY full. At least the scale was nice to me this morning...

I miss Darren already and he won't be back for 13 days. I haven't even talked to him since Friday. Probably the longest we've gone without talking since he got back from Iraq. Ugh, the military just interrupts life like that, I guess. Better get used to it. I'm so afraid that we'll be married for like two months and he'll get deployed again. Major bummer. But likely to happen. Well, it really depends on who wins the presidency. Part of me wants to be selfish and hope for a democrat to win so he won't have to go, but the other part of me thinks that a democrat will destroy the US and will vote republican. The good news is that Darren has less than two years left. The bad news is that he can get deployed on his last day in. It's lame, I know. So you pretty much aren't guaranteed anything until it's midnight on his last day. Oh well. Can't do anything about it and I knew about it when we got engaged. Well, even when we were just dating. Really, I love it about him. It's just difficult to deal with sometimes.

I work the late shift this week. Fun times. At least I can workout in the morning and have it done with. It's so hard for me to workout later on in the day. I want to lose ten more pounds this summer. No, I'm GOING to lose ten more pounds this summer. My friend Tina and I have decided that we are. Well, to be more accurate, I told her that we both were. So yeah, we will. She has an elliptical machine, though. So jealous. I think we're planning on working out together sometime soon, if we don't get too lazy...

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