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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

weekend updates

Another weekend gone by too fast. I stayed pretty busy, though. Friday night Darren and his dad went to the Twins game so I basically just hung around home. Mom and I watched a movie and then I went to bed. Saturday Darren and I had plans to head down to Brainerd early but my uncle called and needed help putting his boat lift in. I ended up getting wet doing that...had my clothes on and everything. I didn't think I was going to have to help. Anyway, then we had to stop at my house so I could change and then we went down to Brainerd. Darren bought a new pistol and I spend about $250 on clothes...yeah, a little shopping spree for both of us. But now he has a pistol I can use (the other one is just WAY to complicated for me) and I have lots of clothes that will fit me. No more complaining! :) But yeah, expensive day.

Sunday we spent most of the day out on the lake wakeboarding. Lex and I decided to try going at the same time, which was hilarious! She's so funny. Fortunately no one got hurt, although Darren has been really sore for the past two days. It was his first time out for the summer, though. Then after wakeboarding we did six hours of homework. Well, Darren did six hours of homework. I probably did about three total. I messed around on facebook a lot, and I uploaded my million wakeboarding pics. I'm trying to put one on here right now and it's just being slow, so I might give up...

Darren and I joined the Snap Fitness in Pequot, so we've been doing that a couple times a week. It takes up a lot of the evening, let me tell you. But it's good. I've been kind of depressed because my weight-losing has stalled, but I think it's because I started lifting weights. At least, I hope it is...Oh wow, that picture just appeared and it's HUGE. Well, don't know how to fix that...never mind, I figured it out. Cool.

That new resort Chase on the Lake is open up in Walker and someone dropped off a menu for The 502, the new restaurant there. Oh my gosh, it looks delicious. Tina and I decided we're going this summer for sure. We would like to bring our other halves, but Tina said Troy probably won't want to eat there. So maybe it will just be us girls. :)
This week is going by pretty fast. Tomorrow is already Wednesday. We have to go down to Brainerd after the gym to pick up Darren's gun, and then we're going to do some homework after that. Probably won't get too far, so I think we'll end up doing it Thursday night as well. And then it will be FRIDAY! :)

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