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Saturday, April 17, 2010

my favorite movies

I LOVE You've Got Mail. You already know how much I love Tom Hanks, but I also really like Meg Ryan. So what could be better than this movie?

I may have already glossed over my love of this movie here, but that just doesn't do it justice.

Two strangers, writing emails to each other in a friendly camaraderie while loathing each other in their personal life. It may just be that I love the pretense, because I really start to get into the movie once Tom Hanks realizes exactly who Meg Ryan is. So romantic.

Also worth a view is the original movie, entitled (fittingly enough) The Shop Around the Corner. It's an old B&W where the women wear dresses and the men carry handkerchiefs. I'm not sure I even have my old copy, but I could probably find another one on ebay or Amazon. May need to look into that; it's been years since I've seen that movie.

If you haven't seen either, they're definitely worth checking in to!

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