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Friday, April 16, 2010

cowgirl shoes debute

I wore my cowgirl shoes to work today. We have casual Fridays so that means I can wear jeans. It's way awesome. Anyway, I wore my cowgirl shoes. And my flip-flops. You see, I have to walk about 15 minutes from the parking ramp to the building I'm working in right now. And there was no way I was about to hike that far in those shoes. Especially the first time I've ever worn them.

That's a mistake I've made before.

Anyway, so I wore my flip-flops until I got to the office and then switched out. My cowgirl shoes rocked. They are surprisingly comfortable, although I can tell I'm going to have to break my feet into regular heels again after a winter of wearing my dressy boots with socks.

Also, this morning while riding the elevator in the parking ramp I was thinking about my flip-flops. Do you remember when people used to call them "thongs?" Or maybe that was just my weird family. But yeah, we totally called them thongs until...you know...actual thongs started getting more popular.

And sometimes I still look at my flip-flops and laugh.

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