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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why I Love...

My cowgirl shoes. In ten reasons or less.

Scratch that. In ten reasons or more. I might have trouble limiting myself.

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1. They're peep-toe. Duh.
2. They have a stacked heel.
3. They look like they have cow hair on them.
4. But it feels like horse hair.
5. Hence, cowgirl.
6. The inside side of the shoe is a cutout.
7. They make my feet happy.
8. I generally find the more off-the-wall the shoe is, the better I like it.
9. And the less likely you will have it.
10. They were 40% off.
11. They have awesome stitching.
12. Shoes with names like "cowgirl" or "crocodile" or "Mary Janes" or "Red Friday pumps" or "hooker boots" or "the devil's footwear" (and yes, I actually own shoes by those names) are infinitely better than shoes like "flats" and "heels."
13. And finally, what's not to love?

P.S. If you look very closely you can see my flip-flop tan lines. Awesome.

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