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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best Store on Earth

Gander Mountain Outlet.

WAIT! I didn't say that. Everyone knows the best store on earth is Target.

The Second Best Store on Earth: Gander Mountain Outlet.

So Darren found this GM outlet store, and you can bet your butt he wanted to go there. I went with him, and truth be told, IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Everything was at the very least 50% off.

Check out all this stuff we got!

alternative text

alternative text

I got this super-cute swimsuit. The three pieces were originally $124. Want to know what I paid for it?? $14.91. Seriously. And I don't normally wear two pieces but we're going to Florida in January so I thought I might break it out then.

alternative text

I love the details.

alternative text

And I love the bangles on the skirt.

alternative text

I got these shorts for $19.97. Regular price was $39.99. They'll be perfect for Florida. And they're so comfy.

alternative text

I also got a fish skirt. I love the pattern.

alternative text

And the fish. This skirt was $12.97, originally $36.00

alternative text

Got these hiking boots. Darren convinced me to get them for when I go traipsing around the woods with him. They're girly boots, so I like them.

alternative text

These were originally $129.99 and I paid $39.98 for them.

I won't bore you with all Darren's camo purchases, but I will tell you he got a pair of hunting bibs for $14.98, originally $99.99.

Some of the things we bought didn't have the original price listed, only the first markdown price. The total of everything originally (and some at the first sales price) was $859.78. We spent $280.56, which is a savings of 67%. Not too shabby.

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