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Saturday, October 24, 2009

a combination of two very excellent things

If you've read my blog for any length of time you've heard me talk about The Pioneer Woman.

She's my hero. Check out her blog here. She'll be your hero too.

And here's the great news: The Pioneer Woman made a cookbook.

I'll wait while you stop jumping up and down from excitement. Believe me, if I wouldn't have been in class the first time I found out, I would have been jumping up and down with you.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl by Ree Drummond will be released on October 27. You can pre-order it online--Amazon is the cheapest. You can bet I'll be pre-ordering that bad boy. The one thing I love about Ree's cooking section on her blog is that everything is so simple. She gives step-by-step instructions with pictures the whole way. It makes cooking a snap.

Also, if you're a real die-hard, Ree will be at the Mall of America on Saturday, November 21, 2009 to sign copies of her cookbooks. I'm seriously considering going. I love this woman.

Did I ever tell you about the time I had a dream about her? That was maybe a little too strange...

As a side note: The Pioneer Woman is in People magazine's November 2009 Country Special Issue. And she's been on CNN. She's like, famous.

Check out her website. Believe me, you'll be addicted.

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