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Saturday, October 31, 2009

It has WHAT?!

We got the Cabela's Christmas Footwear and Clothing catalog in the mail the other day.

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Of all the things I think of when I think of Cabela's, clothing and footwear would be among the bottom five. And dishes, which is ironic, because that's where we got ours.

However, such is life.

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May I take a moment to applaud Cabela's for a wonderfully done cover page? I told Darren I wanted that puppy, but I couldn't find his order information anywhere in the catalog.

Just kidding. Sort of.

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There were lots of nice shoes in the Cabela's Footwear and Clothing catalog.

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I like these Ugg look-a-likes.

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They had some nice slippers, too. I think these are for men, however.

But then...WHAT IS THAT??!!

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Is that a boot? With a pocket??!!

Yes it is, my friends. Yes it is. Notice the pocket has a nice buckle over it, so you won't have to fear that your keys or driver's license or $20 will fall out. Just think of how practical this will be! Next time you go to the grocery store you won't even have to bring your purse. Just stick a fifty and your grocery list in your boot and pull it out as needed. It would be a "purse-boot." A "poot!"

I wonder what I would put in my poot. Perhaps an extra chapstick. You can never have enough of those. Or some candy, for when I get hungry. There are no limits to the things a poot can hold!

Well, as long as that thing is smaller than a deck of cards.

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How exciting! How novel! I think I will order my poots today!

Or not.

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