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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I Love...

...the sauna.

For Krista.

When I was growing up I hated the sauna with a passion rivaling my hate for liver. No, I've never tried liver, but the analogy seemed fitting. It was hot and sweaty and it hurt to breathe. To say the least, I found it unpleasant.

A couple weeks ago my friend Krista and I started going to the gym together. We started taking some weightlifting class and branched out to the ellipticals. I love ellipticals, as you know. One day after a sweaty workout on the elliptical Krista asked if I wanted to go in the sauna. I could tell she wanted to so I went along with it. My life will never be the same.

The sauna was nothing like I remembered. Well, it was actually everything I remembered: hot, sweaty, and difficult to breathe. But somehow it was--dare I say it?--fun. I was just sweating up a storm and it didn't bother me. (I hate to sweat. I used to sweat all the time when I was way overweight. Now I'm always cold. Go figure.) There's something about sauna sweat that's different from other sweat. Kind of like exercise sweat. I don't mind sauna sweat or exercise sweat like I do it's-such-a-hot-day-sweat. Can I say sweat any more times? Sweat.

While we were in the sauna that first day Krista was telling me about how good it was for us. I did some internet research and found out the sauna is really good for you. I felt great for the rest of that day, and now I always look forward to sauna time.

So, Krista, thank you.

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