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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We are in the midst of a serious toothpaste shortage right now.

I'm talking dire.

This is the current status of our toothpaste supply:

Do you see the thinness of those tubes? (My secret is I use the soap bottle to flatten them like crazy.) Can you tell the toothpaste is nearly gone and that the outside of the tube is just about pushed all the way through where the toothpaste is supposed to come out?

Let me tell you, I have been following factory recommendations lately and using only a "pea-size amount" for brushing. But we are only days away from a monstrosity, people.

Running out of toothpaste isn't like running out of milk or bread. You can't just say, "Oh, I'll drink some juice" or "Oh, let's eat potatoes." No. When you are out of toothpaste, there are no alternatives.

Although I may have heard somewhere that back in the day people used baking soda? I would have to be pretty desperate to resort to that.

I'm almost there.

You know what this means? Do you know what horrible consequence running out of toothpaste will have?

I will have to go to the store. And I will have to pay full price.


  1. I've been reading God's Smuggler & in it Brother Andrew ran out of tooth paste & used salt to brush his teeth. Weird, huh. You could try it.....

  2. I've been down the baking soda road. It's as bad as it sounds. But it's great for whiteneing.