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Thursday, February 16, 2012

my stance on credit cards

I've told you before about the benefits of my Target Visa. Many, many times. But we also have another Visa that saves us money.

The best thing about the Cabela's CLUB Visa is, by far, the points it earns. And the fact that they're redeemable at Cabela's. And when you're married to Darren, free Cabela's money is an excellent thing.

We've had the Cabela's Visa for a while now - since before we got married, actually. We don't charge everything on it, but we charge a fair amount. So far we have $774.60 in free Cabela's dollars.

Yes, free money. Money we get just by using our credit card. I mean, it can only be used at Cabela's, but still, it's a pretty good deal.

I know a lot of people think credit cards are of the devil, but I disagree. It is not the credit card that gets you in trouble; it's your spending habits. It's like taking a loan out from the bank with no intention of paying it back. Credit cards lend you money; they don't give it to you. And personally, I think they can charge whatever interest rate they darn well please. It's their money, and if you don't pay it back when they say (and you agree, by signing up for the credit card) it's due, they should be allowed to charge you whatever interest they say (and you also agree, by signing up for the credit card) is reasonable.

It's kind of like saying chocolate is bad. I mean, you can't just make bold statements like that without disclaimers. Chocolate is bad when you eat too much of it. And credit cards are bad when you don't pay off your balance monthly. It takes self-control to eat chocolate without going overboard, just like it takes self-control to spend within your means.

Now, I understand we all have our burdens. Credit cards may be bad for you, but I would strongly argue they are not bad in general. I, personally, do not keep chocolate in my house, because it's just too tempting for me. But I don't think chocolate is "bad."

I think the next time someone tells me credit cards are bad (in and of themselves), I'll ask their opinion on chocolate.

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