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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Natalie: Six Months

I can't believe Natalie is six months old already! It's going to be her birthday before I know it.

Vital Stats
Natalie is 16.7 pounds and 27.5 inches long. She doesn't fit into any of her 3-month clothes, and her 6-month pajamas are already getting too short. She's now wearing size 3 diapers, which is exciting because they are absorbent enough to last through the night without the diaper pad insert.

Milestones This Month
Crawling! She started by getting up on her hands and knees and lunging herself forward. On February 15th she crawled for the first time (actually moved her hands and knees). She crawls in "fits and starts." She'll go a little bit, plop down on her tummy, then get right back up and go a little bit more. And repeat. That's how she gets around. She also started sitting unassisted for more than a couple seconds. Ironically, after she started crawling, rather than before.

She can almost push herself up to a sitting position by herself. She's done it a couple times, but not regularly. She has pulled herself up to standing (without holding on to Mommy or Daddy) once, but it was pretty shaky and didn't last long at all.

Her second bottom tooth broke through a couple days ago. She's an excellent teether; so far we haven't had any terrible days with teething.

Natalie is a great sleeper the majority of the time. She's started making it through her naps without waking up in the middle. She rarely wakes up at night while we're at home, and most naps she goes down without crying. She doesn't do as well when we're up north. She hardly uses her nuk at home anymore.

Natalie moved to her crib this month after she started rolling in her bassinet. She did great with the transition, and has only woken up crying with her leg stuck through the slats once.

She holds her own bottle while eating (but only when she wants to!). She LOVES all her solids except for peas and green beans. Those she gags on. The amount of formula she takes hasn't really gone down since we've started solids. She still only eats them twice a day: when she wakes up and before bed.

Natalie loves her sippy cups, but she can't figure out how to use them. She likes to chew on them and play with them.

Natalie doesn't say much. Her recent noise is a "hahahaha." Less like laughing, more like panting. It's hilarious. But she doesn't babble at all yet.

We started baby sign language this month. So far we only do "milk" and "all done." She thinks "all done" is funny, and smiles every time she sees it.

Play Time
Now that Natalie is more mobile, she plays by herself a lot more, especially in the mornings. She loves to get into everything, and will follow Mommy and Daddy around. She wants to play with their toys. :) Her jumperoo is still a favorite. She loves the Laugh and Play Puppy she got from Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas. She also loves her duckie towel and thinks it's hilarious when it's hanging on the towel hook in the bathroom.

Natalie enjoys story time for a while, but starts to get frustrated when Mommy and Daddy won't let her eat her books. Her favorite books have bright colors.

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