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Friday, January 9, 2009

another change

Our plans have changed again. Darren has decided to change to a forestry major and will be attending the U starting in the fall. We'll be moving to the cities for two and a half years while he finishes. I have next fall at NWC, so it'll be nice for me to not have to commute. And nice to not move in January, like we would have if we had gone to Crookston.

This is about the fourth change, so I'm not really sure if it will stick, based on past experience. First we were going to live in St. Cloud while he went to school for surveying. I was going to commute to school in the cities on Tuesday and Thursday. Then he changed his major to law enforcement/DNR and we were going to go to Crookston. He was going to take classes at the U next fall while I finished up and then we were going to move up to Crookston for spring semester. Then we decided I would commute for that fall from home and he would take classes at the community college he is going to now. And then a couple days ago he decided to switch his major to forestry and now we'll be back in St. Paul. But, the most important thing is that he's happy with what he does. The only sad part is I already gave up my job at the school since I thought I'd only be in St. Paul on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so now I'll have to find a new job. Or just not find one at all and wait until I graduate.

It must run in the family: Darren's dad went through five different majors! But Darren said it'll be easier to get a job with a forestry degree, and I like it because it's more predictable (home on nights and weekends) than being a conservation officer. That was my only problem with his last major: I was just afraid he would never be home. I am WAY more excited to live in the cities than in Crookston. No one even knows where it is. I didn't until I almost had to live there! But I have family in the cities and Darren's sister will be starting school down there in the fall, too, so that will be nicer than not knowing a soul up in the prairie. Too bad some of our friends in the cities just moved down to Iowa. At least we'll be closer, though.

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