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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding cake

We met with the cake lady last night so we finally have a cake! I think it will turn out really nice. We're getting SIX sheet cakes and having a small tiered cake to cut and for the wedding party if they want it. It's lemon-flavored. She brought some samples of it last night and it was GOOD.

Tonight we're meeting with Pastor to finish up our counseling. We can have him sign a form stating we completed 12 hours so our marriage application fee will only be $40 instead of $110 (woo-hoo!). I called the courthouse today to see if we both needed to apply in person or if just one of us could go, and the woman I spoke with told me only one of us needs to show up but later said that we both need to sign in person...not sure what to think about that. So that's something I would like to get done this week, along with finalizing the ceremony program and printing it, making copies of the keys for the house we're living in, assembling the gifts for my bridesmaids, calling the woman altering my dress, finishing our slideshow, taking my ring to get the bands sautered to it, at meeting with our contact at the reception site. Only 18 days to finish up the beast of a list I have!

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