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Thursday, April 7, 2011


We had our ultrasound Tuesday morning.

Best. Thing. Ever.

It was so much fun to watch the baby moving around. We got quite a few good ultrasound pictures. I had no idea how many they would give us, but we ended up with about ten or so.

Here is our favorite one of the baby's profile.
The tech looked and measured everything and then said she would try to get us some 3D pictures. She had a hard time at first because the umbilical cord was too close to the baby's face and was in the way. In the above picture you can see it (that diagonal line going from the baby's neck to the bottom-left).
She also had a hard time because baby kept hiding its face in its arm. We actually have another picture where its face is in its shoulder.

Baby's foot, which is really only a couple centimeters big. It was weird seeing the baby on the screen because it looked so normal, and then the tech would say stuff like, "Baby's head is two inches wide." It's crazy baby is so small still!

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