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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new mechanic on the block

Last night Darren and I changed the oil in my car.

Yes, I learned how to change the oil. No, I can't change a flat, or even jump-start the beast, but I now know how to change the oil.

Probably the most useless thing one can know about their vehicle. I mean, in the case of an emergency (say, a flat tire or a dead battery) how will this knowledge help me out?

Answer: It won't.

But there you have it.

Before this I was proud I could check my oil and add window-washer fluid when necessary.

No more.

I learned how to drive the car up on blocks of wood so we could crawl under it, which, by the way, is probably on the top-ten list of claustrophobic moments of my life. I learned how to drain the oil into a bucket, take out the filter, put on a new filter, and fill the car back up with oil.

And as an added measure, I also learned how to check the transmission fluid. Never would have thought to look there.

Overall, an educational evening. Next up: changing a flat and using my jumper cables. I just hope no one gets hurt.

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  1. Awesome. I can change the oil too, but that's about it. Oh and fill in air in the tires. I think guys appreciate when women make an effort or are able to do these things. It's like a bonding experience lol. :)