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Saturday, July 31, 2010

remember when?

I was going through some old CDs with pictures on them when I found a DVD my college roommate had made me before I moved out and got married. It reminded me of a lot of fun times with some really awesome ladies.

So, Kristine, Laura, and Josie, this one's for you.

Remember when we had the best decorated room for Moyer Movie Night and won a gift card for that pasta place in the mall? And it took us six months to use it?

Remember when Laura had mono and we were all afraid we would get it from her? And she tried to walk to the Nest to get some food but threw up on the way there? (Sorry, Laura...)

Kristine, remember when we went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden? And saw those people get engaged by the giant spoon and cherry? I think we strategically planned this picture so my head would be blocking them as they made out on the grass.

Remember how I army-crawled under the beds on our last day with the "Dirty Jobs Vac" strapped to my back?

Remember NWC's spring party and how we ate at Old Spaghetti Factory? And Josie's dress was flying up on the way there because it was so windy? And I held the menu in front of my dress and it looked like I was naked?

And remember how we went to Como Zoo before that and had a contest to see who could open their mouths the widest? And it was raining?

Remember how we downloaded old school versions of Oregon Trail and played incessantly? And we always used each other's names? And it would be hilarious when one of us would die from dysentery or cholera or snakebite?

Remember all those fish we killed? And the ones we froze to bring back to WalMart?

Remember the day we went to Oasis Park to do "homework" but ended up playing on the playground?

Laura, remember when we died our hair on Halloween that first year? That's when I first realized we were friends.

Remember when we went outside to play in the snow and we rolled down that snowbank and I about broke my kneecap? And we walked up that huge hill and almost died at the top?

Remember when school was cancelled because of a snowstorm and we all hung out in the room and played DDR and baked cookies? Also, Laura, remember how you used to sleep with me and Kristine because Amanda would be on the phone?

Remember when we baked a cake? How did that cake turn out, by the way?

Kristine, Josie, and Laura, thanks for two great years of memories. I have so many awesome memories with you since then and am looking forward to many more to come!

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  1. yyeeeeeyyyyy memories!!!! HAhaha! I love you guys...