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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easton: Two Months

Vital Stats

Easton weighed 12 lbs 15 oz and measured 24 inches long at his 2-month checkup yesterday. He was in the 87th percentile for height and 61st percentile for weight. Tuesday Mommy washed up all of his 6-month pajamas. He is getting too long for those 3-months!

Milestones This Month

Easton smiles frequently at everyone who smiles at him. He can see farther and will smile at Mommy or Daddy while they are talking to him from five or six feet away. He is starting to swipe at items with an open hand and will grab something occasionally and hold on.


Oh, sleep. Easton is not the nighttime sleeper his sister was. At this age, Natalie slept 10 hours. Easton's longest stretch was six hours, with one or two wakeups for a paci insert. Naps are not wonderful, but he will take a good solid nap any time he is in the swing, so Mommy resorts to that every once in a while when either (a) he needs a good nap, or (b) Mommy needs a break.


Easton still drinks formula. He has decided he likes it better when it's warm, much to Mommy's dismay. But at least he is a better eater. Typically he takes 4-6oz every three hours during the day. The last few days he has had a bit of a cold and has only take about 2-4oz every feeding. He eats once in the middle of the night still, where he will usually only take 1-3oz before falling back to sleep. A lot of times this makes him uninterested in his first bottle of the day. Mommy is hoping he is almost to the point of sleeping 8 hours at night.


Easton is still a good solid crier. He likes to smile, too.

Play Time

Easton is getting to the point where he will spend some time on his activity mats and look at the lights. He still hates tummy time, unless he can do it on Mommy's lap. Then he will lie there for a long time! He likes to sit in his bouncer and watch everyone go about their daily activities.

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