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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easton: One Month

I meant to do this a while ago, and totally spaced it. So it's a little bit late...roll with it.

Vital Stats

Easton was 11lbs 10oz and 22.75" long at his 1-month checkup. He was in the 92nd percentile for height and 87th percentile for weight. He wears size 3-month clothes (and has since birth!).

Milestones This Month

Easton has been awake a lot more the past couple weeks. A lot more. He is pretty alert and likes to look around, especially at black/white contrast.


Easton is both a better and worse nighttime sleeper than his sister. He is better in that he is a more sound sleeper, so he doesn't wake Mommy up all night long with his little baby noises. He is worse in that he doesn't go for as long of stretches as Natalie did. He started out an excellent napper, but that has gotten worse in the last week or two. His naps will range from 30 minutes to two hours.


Easton is formula fed. He will take 2-6 ounces at any one mealtime. He eats every three hours during the day, and about every 4.5-5 hours at night. He has never gone longer than 5 hours at night.


Easton is a master at his main form of communication: crying. He will let Mommy and Daddy know when he is tired, mad, hungry, or bored. He started smiling more in the last week. Mommy loves to coax smiles out of him.

Play Time

At one month Easton's playtime consists mainly of being held, sitting in his swing or bouncer, or doing tummy time. He isn't a huge lover of the swing like Natalie was, and so far the activity mats haven't been a huge hit either. His favorite "play" activity is to lie in his pack-n-play and look at his bear mobile.

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