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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It's COLD! My poor car groaned at me this morning and just about didn't make it. I let it warm up for about 15 minutes before I came in to work and I was still cold when I got here. I've been here for an hour now and I'm still freezing. The cold just seeps into my bones and won't leave!

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas! This month just flew by. I'm excited to open my presents! I'm such a kid, I know... actually I'm really excited for Darren to open his presents. It's a total surprise for him; he's not even expecting what he's getting. I love giving people presents they don't expect, but you know they want. I won't say what it is in case he reads this, but it's a good one. :) I, sadly, know a lot of my presents since I picked them out. Always sad when there's less surprises, but at least I know I'll love what I get.

Today will be a busy day. We're going to Darren's grandma's this afternoon, then with the Fisher side for dinner, and out to his mom's parents after that. Lots of Christmas! Then tomorrow we're doing Christmas with his family early in the morning, back over to my house mid-morning, then out to his mom's parents for lunch, then back to my house later that evening. Busy, busy. :)

We're doing a personal shower/bachelorette party on Friday and Lex has had a blast planning it. She's so funny. She picked out all these games and won't tell me what they are so that I'll be surprised. She planned most of the food (except for my request for little smokies) and got prizes for the games. The weather is supposed to be evil so hopefully everyone will still be able to make it. I'm excited. I think it'll be a lot of fun. Then the church is planning a shower for me on the 3rd (saw it in the bulletin and that's how I found out!). Not sure if I'm supposed to do anything for that, though. Show up, I guess. :)

We're going down to the cities for New Year's Eve to spend some time with friends and then help some of our friends pack up New Year's day. They're moving to Iowa, so it's kind of sad. It will be fun to see them one last time before they leave. They'll be up for the wedding so we will get to see them then.

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