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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fast Week

This week flew by! I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. Only one more week left of school after this and then two days of finals and I'm done! Tomorrow I have a presentation, and another one on Tuesday, plus a paper due on Thursday and a big case for Auditing due as well. Then my two finals during finals week. Getting there...I was just thinking today how weird it is that I'm almost married. I've been single my whole life (obviously) and we've been engaged for so long it felt like it would never come. But in like seven weeks I'll be married!

We unregistered for our plates at Target because they were hideous. They have different ones there now that I like a lot better, but I can't register for them online because I need to make sure they are at the Target in Brainerd so people will actually buy them. :) The only problem is I won't be home until after finals, but I guess that will have to work.

I got all the invitations sent out on Saturday and my mom said there were some responses back already, so that's good. I just know there will be people who don't respond or say they're coming and they don't and it will drive me crazy. We went to a friend's wedding on Saturday at the same reception site as ours and it was fun to see it. I got some really great ideas for our reception, too. I've been buying up my Christmas presents and getting going on that. Lots to do still, though. December is SO busy!

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