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Friday, June 19, 2009

it was a stormy night in the neighborhood

Darren had softball last night. He's on a team with his dad. His mom wasn't going to be there so he said I didn't have to go either. He's so generous... :)

He left. I cleaned up the supper dishes (leftover chicken shish-kebobs, twice-baked-potatoes, corn on the cob), hemmed my jeans (more on that to come later), and read a book.

About 8:45 there was this sudden gush of wind and the trees outside were blowing like crazy. It was really dark and I correctly assumed a storm was coming in. The weatherman had been saying we were supposed to have scattered showers all day, but not a drop had fallen. You know how that is. All of a sudden it just started pouring! Like stop-your-car-on-the-side-of-the-road-pouring. I texted Darren and he was already on his way home from the game, fortunately. The power kept flickering on and off. He made it home and honked the truck horn so I would come and open the front door for him. It wasn't locked; he just wanted me to hold it open so he could run as fast as he could inside. That's how bad it was raining.

We finished our episode of Grey's and got ready for bed. The power went out for good around 9:30, right after I had put a load of laundry in the dryer, of course. And before you think I'm crazy for doing laundry in a storm, I started it before it started storming. That's just how long my washer takes, unfortunately. So we lit some candles and finished getting ready for bed. I had to use makeup-remover wipes on my face, which I hate doing, but it was better than nothing. Fortunately I'd already brushed my teeth so I didn't have to deal with that nastiness all night.

It was another sleepless night for me. Darren wasn't tired so we talked in bed for a LONG time. I was so tired. The storm kept on going. One thunder was so loud Darren and I both jumped and sat up in bed. We probably didn't go to sleep until around 11:00, and then both woke up around 12:45 when the power came back on and the lights blinded us. I dinstinctly remember pulling my covers over my head thinking "Is it morning already??!" Darren had to get up at 4:30 so of course I woke up. I managed to fall back asleep pretty quickly only to wake up to my phone ringing. At 4:42. Darren locked himself out of the house so I had to go downstairs and let him in. And that definitely woke me up. I tossed and turned until about 5:45 and then skipped working out and got up at 7:00. So I'm tired today, after all of that. What an eventful night. At least we've gotten quite a bit of rain this week. We sure need it.

This weekend will be another busy one, like usual. We're going out to dinner and bowling tonight with some friends. Actually the photographer for my wedding and her fiance. They're getting married in July. Tomorrow we need to get the camper out and cleaned up for camping next weekend. I would also like to see a movie sometime this weekend, since it's been a while and there are a couple out I've been wanting to see. Sunday is Father's Day and we're invited to my aunt and uncle's for lunch. My mom also said something about a fish fry Sunday night, I think. We also need to do something with Darren's parents over the weekend. He and his dad were going to go to a Twins game for Father's Day but they haven't gotten it organized yet, so I'm not sure what we're doing with them. All my summer weekends are quickly filling up!!

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