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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wednesday weight loss

Down half a pound from last week, yay! And the best news is I'm at my lowest since before I went to Grand Cayman! How sad that it took me three months to recover from that...well, not even. I STILL haven't recovered. One more pound and I'll weight what I weighed before we even went on vacation. Sad. I just wrecked my good mood...

So I'm 8.4 pounds away from my life-long goal. Okay, maybe not life-long. But definitely many-years-long. I'm kind of bummed because I've just been hovering around the same point for a little over a year...dang you, chocolate. It doesn't help that I have a desk job now and all I do is sit on my tush all day. Hopefully once we're back down in the cities I can kick it in gear at Snap Fitness. I miss Snap. I miss the elliptical.

I've been religiously eating SlimFast for breakfast and lunch every Monday-Friday. I just can't bring myself to eat it on the weekends too. Darren and I usually cook up a big breakfast on Saturday and I LOVE breakfast food. It's my favorite food group. Except chocolate.

The weekends are where I get in the most trouble. And sometimes evenings. Last night I ate a TON. I couldn't believe my weight was so low this morning (which makes me question the accuracy of my scale). But ya never know. Sometimes I feel like I'm being so good and the scale definitely disagrees, and other times I think I'm just a total pig and here it's not so bad at all. I like those times better, but then I always ask myself, "Well how low could it have been if I had actually behaved myself?" I hate that question.

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