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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new haircut

I love getting my hair cut. I love it when the stylist shampoo's my hair. I love it when she massages my scalp. I love it when she combs my hair. Pretty much I love it when anyone touches my head. I liked getting mandatory lice checks in elementary school, for crying out loud.

So I got my hair cut today after months and months of debate. I had my hair chopped short my freshman year of college and HATED it. I was skeptical about this cut but my hair was backing me into a corner. I may win occasional battles but it had definitely won the war. Here is my "before" picture.

My hair actually cooperated--it probably knew on some level it was going to die today--and I almost backed out of my hair appointment. But within 40 minutes it was as flat as normal and I wanted to chop it all off again.

After much internet research I gave up on figuring out my face shape and just picked out a cute short hairstyle. It looks nice.

It'll probably only be a week before it gets the better of me again.

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