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Thursday, September 9, 2010

the most brilliant idea ever

Unfortunately, it wasn't mine.

I wish.

But it's so good, it doesn't even matter that I wasn't the one to think of it! Here's what happened:

In 2006 I bought new bedroom furniture from Target. I got a bed frame, a dresser, and armoire, a desk with hutch, a nightstand, and a wall shelf. I spent a lot of money, so when the Target employee asked if I wanted to apply for a Target card to save 10% I (big surprise) said yes, please.

Target has a pretty good points program with their card. For every $1,000 points you earn ($1 equals 1 point) you will get a 10% off your entire purchase coupon good for a single day of your choice. And when you're like me and buy everything (literally, everything) at Target, it doesn't take long to spend $1,000.

Like, three months, tops. And now that I buy groceries there also, I'd say it's probably down to two months.

Unfortunately, however, Darren and I usually charge our credit card purchases to our Cabela's card, because we feel those points are more valuable. And because Darren thinks it would be "really awesome" if we eventually earned enough points that he could get a free gun.

We're almost there.

So that's the back story. And then, miracle of miracles, today I open a seemingly innocent letter from the great Target Corp out of Minneapolis, MN.

As as side note, have I ever mentioned that the Target I shop at in the cities was the FIRST TARGET EVER?! It's been remodeled so it's pretty fancy-pants, but yes, it was the first Target in the world. It's pretty much my destiny to shop there.

The first thing I notice in the letter are the words "your REDcard saves you 5% at Target - on almost anything you want, any time you shop."

You're freaking kidding me, right?

No, true story. I read the entire letter and even the disclaimers on the backside. Beginning October 17th, use your Target card at Target and save 5% on everything! (I realize the statement above says "almost anything" but the only exclusions are for things like gift cards, prescriptions, cash advances, and random things I never purchase anyway.) Now, when you're me and spend about five grand a year at Target, five percent is $250.

I can buy a lot with $250. Brilliant idea. Just brilliant.

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