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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

something i miss

A couple weeks ago I invited two of my old roommates over for dinner. One was recently married. We had a blast catching up on the past, sharing about the present, and dreaming about the future. And we talked about how different it is to live with a man.

Then today I saw something on facebook, written by one of those same ladies, about how much she missed living with girls.

I hear ya, sister.

I miss romantic movie marathons on chilly Saturday mornings.

I miss 2 a.m. gossip.

I miss community closets.

I miss not needing a reason to cry.

I miss exercise without the intent to burn calories.

I miss hugs.

I miss no-special-occasion brownies.

But most of all, I miss girl talk.

So to all my old roommates, I had a blast living with you!

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