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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Is there something that you always procrastinate?

For me, it's cleaning the house. I clean it every other weekend, and on those weekends I always wait until Sunday afternoon.

Unless, like this weekend, I have something planned for Sunday afternoon. Which means I cleaned the house today.

I should say I cleaned the house today, because, technically, it's still in progress. Six hours from when I first started.

I woke up this morning about 9 am and finished the movie I had started the night before. Made myself a raspberry-vanilla latte and had a piece of pumpkin pie. The breakfast of champions.

Since it's such a beautiful fall day I decided to get out some of my fall decorations, during which I noticed how unorganized the dresser in the hallway was. So I took care of that.

Then I thought I should start some laundry, too. I'm kind of crazy in that I like all the laundry to be done when the house is clean.

I'm not sure exactly why that is.

So I stripped the bed and grabbed the towels and started a load. When I was coming back upstairs I noticed the turkey fryer base was still sitting in our entry area. Brought that up with me to put in the closet and noticed how unorganized the closet was. So I threw away a ton of empty boxes and put things back where they belong.

I like to tidy before I clean, so I went around putting stuff away and clearing off the desk in our living room. There was a huge pile of receipts, so of course I had to put all those into my excel budget document. Then I had to balance the checkbook.

And then it was time to switch out the laundry.

There was a movie stub on the desk from when we saw Switch last weekend so I went into the bedroom to put it with all the other stubs I'm saving from the movies Darren and I saw together. I keep a decorative box in my nightstand for them all. While there, I figured I should go ahead and organize the nightstand.

Where I found my wedding jewelry. I decided to put that with all the other wedding things we've saved in a beautiful wood gift box our friends gave us when we got married. And then I had to look through all my mementos of that day.

I noticed the pile of library books on my dresser and decided I should finish the one I was currently reading so I could return them all to the library later today. So that took an hour. And then it was time to get the sheets and towels out of the dryer. I chatted with my aunt and uncle for about thirty minutes.

I came upstairs, made the bed, and put the towels away. Then I decided it was time to get serious and clean. I like the TV on when I clean, so I put in a movie. I cleaned the bathroom. Then I thought I needed another piece of pie. So I watched some of my movie while I ate my pie. And then I ate some carrots. Have to have balance in the diet, you know.

After that I put everyone's birthday in my new 2011 planner. It took a while. Decided since I didn't even know how old half these people were, I should try to figure out everyone's birth year. So I went on facebook. Some people, however, didn't have their year, so if I don't know how old you are when your birthday rolls around again...well, sorry about that.

Then the second load of laundry was done so I went to get it. I folded it and put it on the bed and realized I had hardly cleaned anything all day, and here it was, six o'clock already. Then I thought about the beast of procrastination and how it can just sneak up on you. And decided I should write a post about how it got the best of me today, although that seemed counter-intuitive.

But, here it is.

Now, to finish cleaning...

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