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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

out west

We went out to Bismarck, ND last weekend, as I mentioned earlier.

Going out west reminds me of my father. We took so many trips west when I was a kid. My favorite memories as a child are of our family vacations.

Our first big family vacation was to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I was seven. We took our 16' Scamp and camped in West Yellowstone to be near the park.

We went to Estes Park, Colorado several times, as it was my parents' favorite. We went to South Dakota. We went to Montana. One summer we went east to Wisconsin Dells.

Our last family vacation, the summer before my dad died, we went to Alaska. I was sixteen. We flew up and stayed in Homer, Seward, and up north near Denali National Park.

Memories from those summer vacations make up the best parts of my childhood. I will never forget all the fun times we spent and the things we got to see.

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