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Monday, October 4, 2010


I got accused of being a germaholic today at work. Just because I keep hand sanitizer at my desk.

Side note: Wouldn't you think "germaholic" would mean "addicted to germs" instead of "afraid of germs" as it was intended?

Yeah, me too.

In any case, it was all in fun, but here are the reasons I am most definitely NOT a germaholic.

1. I eat food off the floor. Well, maybe food is too broad...broccoli, no...chocolate, yes.

2. I don't sanitize my kitchen after cutting raw chicken. Also, I don't throw my dishrag in the laundry after washing things that have touched raw chicken.

3. I use the hand towel to wipe food/juice/etc off my hands when I'm too lazy to wash it off.

4. I thaw my meat on the counter and not in the fridge. And sometimes we thaw steaks in the sink.

5. I sanitize my sink about once every three weeks (which is really gross when you think about it).

6. I don't wash my hands after I blow my nose.

7. I don't always wash my hands before I eat, either.

8. Also, I don't feel the need to wash my hands after I touch gum underneath a table.

9. I touch the grocery cart handle and then eat the free samples at Target.


10. I used to kiss my kitty on the face.

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