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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

address changes

Normally I don't procrastinate so much, but there are still some credit cards and other places where I have not changed our address. Mostly because I can't do them online, since our address isn't recognized as an actual address by the ever-annoying USPS. Frustrating as all get out.

So yesterday I thought I would be on the ball and call USBank to change our address. It was an automated system.

Automated systems = major fails, in my opinion. I gave it my address, which actually went okay, considering when I tried to tell Target I lived on Violet Lane, it never understood and I got so frustrated I hung up. Well, USBank repeated my address back to me, and then asked if I needed to add an apartment number. If not, I was to say "I'm done" to proceed to the next step. Well, the stupid system couldn't understand me the five times I tried to say "I'm done" and thought I was actually trying to say "Apartment 999." Really?! Apartment 999?

Long story short, I ended up spending 15 minutes on the phone with USBank trying to change our address, and Darren still has to call since not all our accounts are joint.

I knew there was a reason I was avoiding this.

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