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Thursday, February 14, 2013

hospital bill

We got our hospital bill from Easton's birth yesterday.

I almost had a heart attack. I frantically scanned the bill, looking to see what insurance hadn't covered. I mean, I figured we would have to pay something, but I didn't think it would be that much. The whole time I'm thinking, "How are we going to afford that?!"

Then I realized our insurance hadn't been billed for Easton's portion yet. He was, apparently, uninsured at the time of his birth. Which makes sense, because you can't be insured until you have a social security number, and you can't have a social security number until you are born. So, in the end, it will just be a bunch of paperwork and a little waiting, and the hospital will submit his charges to our insurance. And in the meantime, I will just be grateful I don't have to shell out $3,000.


  1. our bill was $28,000 for Ellie and I. Praise God for MA which we qualified for!

  2. Whoa, $28,000?? That's intense! Mine was $13,000 for myself, plus the $3,000 in charges for Easton. But they brought Ellie down to the NICU right after she was born, didn't they? I've heard once a baby is in the NICU it gets WAY more expensive.